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Toll Free Numbers (India) -2013

Toll free or customer care numbers are very useful for customers to contact the company for help or assistance. Her below giving an updated list of Toll free numbers -2013 , of famous companies like Home appliances , India railway, banks, Air lines, Cellphone companies, Automobiles, Hotel Reservations, Teleshopping, Insurance, Healthcare, Investments/ Finance, Couriers/Packers & Movers and many more...

Send Free SMS Text Messages Worldwide with

Send free SMS to your friends over 500 networks and 200 countries in an awesome way through, a faster and simpler way to send one-to-one and group text messages to any mobile, anywhere.  It is a Mobile Social Network, no need of any downloading and installation. is a mobile competent service specifically designed to be viewed on your mobile phone or handset device.

To send free SMS using you just sign up and send free unlimited text message SMS to your Wadja friends. Once you add your mobile phone number to your Wadja profile, you can receive SMS from other Wadja users also. Wadja supports 80 character free messages. There is no delivery confirmation.

Create a disposable web page with the content you want

Create a disposable web page with as little effort as a few key strokes and start right away at filling up the page with the content you want. Disposable Web Page is a site where you can create a page with your own content and share it with others. It offers you the convenience and freedom of getting information out there on the internet with as little hassle.

Disposable services are also good for cases where you just need something to exist for a limited amount of time and not reside in cyberspace forever, for example files you want to share with your friend, or in this case  a webpage which expires after a certain timeframe.

Memotoo - synchronise your contacts and calendar information across devices.

Today we are using desktop, laptop, tablet and multimedia mobiles in contact with personal, friends and business details. But the contact and calander details with these gadgets cannot be accessed with one another.  Memotoo  allows you to synchronize  all your contacts and clender details with your phones, tablets and computers.

Here comes the end of tension and worries with the use of memtoo  you can access the information in any of your gadget.  If you have one or more phones iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, old Nokia, Sony Ericsson you could transfer your data to Memotoo and keep up to date. When you change a contact, it will be updated on all phones.

Memotoo offers three packages, Free, Premium and Business. With the free account you  can sync limited  upto to 100 bookmarks, 50 contacts, 50 calendar events and 50 tasks, whereas Premium is unlimited. All you need is to sign in with memotoo.

Features of Memotoo
  • Memotoo offers features of store all your contacts, your calendar (including tasks and notes), your files (photos, videos, Word document), your bookmarks, your SMS and access to all your E-mail accounts.
  • Memotoo allows you to synchronize your emails and social networks like  Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google, iCloud.
  • Keep your data safe and confidential when your phone lost, Computer crash
  • All your E-mail accessible in one page especially Google, Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN
  • Share your data with friends and clients
  • Reminders of events, birthdays by E-mail or SMS
  • Easily backup and restore

Vikido a social sharing platform for kids

Vikido is a social sharing platform for kids. It is designed for the web and mobile and it brings the entire family together in a fun, safe way. The easy use interface accessible to kids as young as four, and with clearly marked application buttons with strict security and privacy of the family.

With Vikido, children can create audio,video or pictographic content to share instantly with their parents. Parents can then decide exactly who views their child’s creations--whether it be grandparents, a close contact from a limited list of your choice, or a broader, public circle via Facebook.

Along with publishing creations, the Vikido Feed allows parents to ‘Love,’ comment and re-share posted content. It’s a great way for grandparents to make sure they re-live every moment, aunts and uncles to stay in contact with nieces and nephews, and a wonderful way for cousins, brothers and sisters and close family friends to bond.

Features of Vikido
  • Kids can safely post pictures videos and create new content 
  • Parents control which of their children’s posts become public – and to whom
Download Vikido for iphone from apple store for free.

Access your office files from anywhere with Office Web Apps

Microsoft office suit is the most used office software in the word, but it can accessed only through the our office installed machines. The office web apps, the cloud version of Microsoft office help us to access office files from anywhere. 

You can also create, view and edit Microsoft Office office documents online with Office Web Apps. The only requirement is you need a Windows Live account.

The cloud version of the Microsoft Office suite gives you the ability to access your files from virtually anywhere for viewing, remote editing and sharing with others. This is all done via SkyDrive, so all you have to do is open your web browser and access your account through Windows Live.

If you have Microsoft Office 2010, you can save your documents directly to SkyDrive. Otherwise, simply upload the document manually, or create it there and then.Use Microsoft Office as a free web application through your Windows Live and SkyDrive account and enjoy one of the best office suites without having to download anything, and free of charge for all users.

Features of Office Web Apps    
  • Online version of Microsoft Office.
  • Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • Work collaboratively with other users, even if they don't use Office.
  • Save files in Microsoft Office format, Open XML (DOCX, PPTX and XLSX) or OpenDocument (ODT, ODP and ODS).
  • Different views for organizing your documents.
Login to  Office Web Apps for free. via
Mvaayoo – Bulk SMS Service for SMS Marketing

Mvaayoo – Bulk SMS Service for SMS Marketing

Mvaayoo is a Bulk SMS service that has bulk SMS Gateway, bulk text messages and bulk text messaging services. It enables enterprises to communicate with target audience for SMS marketing.

Locate Mobile Phones Real Time through Indian Governments DoT’s Pilot Project

The Indian Government is likely to launch a pilot project to test a new technology that helps locate lost or cloned mobile phones on real time basis.The Department of Telecom (DoT) plans to use the technology developed by Telecordia Technologies to locate mobile phones in real time.

Remote mouse server Turns your Android, iOS smartphone or ipad into Wireless Mouse

Turn your Smart phone or tablet PC in to the mouse of your computer to  operate it remotely, it is a one click away software Remote Mouse Server enable you to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard. Control your computer anywhere in your room. It is very simple to download, install, configure and use. 

Know the trend and Download music from nokia ovi

We are very much in need of music in mobile phones for a better life and enjoyment.  Any kind of music like albums , Bollywood songs or international song give us immense relax and enjoyment. 

But often we don’t know the trends. Here below the list show the top rated songs downloaded from Nokia Music store during 2012, October.  

Manage friends and relationships in Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, gmail with Mingly Relationship Management Tool

Managing friends  and relationships in the social-network information overload world is very much difficult for busy persons who has profiles in social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and so on..

Mingly is one of the best Web-apps for easy management of relationships. It has plugin for gmail, Firefox and Google chrome. Mingly shows a feed of contacts and important events drawn from their social streams, like birthdays, relocations and job changes and keep keep tracking important friends and events.

Google Street View in 3D enable you to Visit Beautiful Places You Dreamed

Moving around the world to watch your favorite place is a dream for everybody, but lots of hurdles we have to overcome to  make this dream comes true. 

The Google apps,  Google Street View enable you to watch your destination from your home.

It consists of famous landmarks, underwater (oceans), Jungles, Monuments, less traveled Antarctica and many beautiful islands. The growth of technology enables us to view a 360 degree street view of the imagery.

Chat strangers with omegle an online chat apps

Chat with anonymous people without any registration, through Omegle an online chat website. The chat is completely anonymous and there is no one to stop you reveal your identity. Recently the service enable you to invite your face book friends to chat.

The service is popular in anonymous chat  or stranger chat. The service randomly pairs users up into one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the handles You and Stranger. 

uTorrent app officially arrives for Android

BitTorrent Inc has released the own uTorrent (Beta) app for Android from last year onwards they are working on an app for Android.

The new  app will help to you search and download torrents on the phone, maintain RSS subscriptions, set download or upload limits and more. This doesn’t follow the holo style of Android, hope they update the app with the new holo UI in the stable version.

Instalbums - the apps to Create Albums with Instagram Photo

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing application for iphone and android. This is most widely used apps by photo lovers in the web world but it will not give options to share huge number of photos, Instagram does not have an option to create album and share them on social sharing webs like Facebook or Twitter.

TypingWeb: The systematic online free typing tool

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Typing is an essential part of each tech savy person for personal and office purpose.  There are so many online sites giving typing assistance but a web apps called Typingweb is more systematic and free of use and free from download

Free Disposable spam free Email Address Using 33mail Service

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The disposable personal email address service provides by  33Mail  for free. This web apps provides the user to get unlimited free email addresses to use wherever you like, all of which get forwarded on to your real address.

How it works

To get start, you have to do is, Sign up and pick a username, let’s say you pick ‘teckys’. Then any email address ending with … will be forwarded to you. The next time some one asks you for an email address, just make one up.

Bring the Instagram Mobile Experience to your Desktop

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The world’s most popular photo sharing app instagram is available for Android and iPhone only but there are quite a few third-party websites that let you explore Instagram photos on the computer without needing any apps.The new Google chrome extension of instagram apps allows you access your account on your desktop.

Any.DO, the Free To-Do List Android App

Any.DO is a free application for android, to-do list that helps you get things done with your friends in a simple and beautiful way. This apps can easily capture, organize and sync all the things you need to do.

SMART notebook app for iPad collaborative and personalized learning to students

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The SMART Notebook a new iPad application has released by SMART Technologies Inc. The SMART Notebook app for iPad enables students to open their own version of a SMART Notebook lesson on their iPad and take it with them, wherever they go. Now students can work with the same SMART Notebook file – individually on their iPad and then collaboratively in class on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.