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YouTube turns eight with over 100 hours of video in every minute

From May 2005 on-wards the biggest video sharing site YouTube started its presence in the internet. Today it has turned Eight years of its existence in the web world and over 100 hours of video uploading every minute to YouTube. Few months back it had reached one billion of monthly users.

“Today, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s more than four days of video uploaded each minute! Every month, more than 1 billion people come to YouTube to access news, answer questions and have a little fun. That’s almost one out of every two people on the Internet”.

Psy's Gangnam Style become the most earned YouTube video - Google

Psy's Gangnam Style has become the most earned video from Youtube. It  has generated $8 million in revenue through YouTube alone.Google's Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora revealed that the most-viewed video on YouTube of all times had made a killing in earnings off the video hosting site.

Announcing the milestone, Arora said, "Outside estimates say… (Gangnam Style) has generated over $8 million in all-in advertising deals." The video had over 1.23 billion views as of this article, which means that the video on average is generating 0.65 cents every time someone plays it.

You tube player for windows8

The Windows8 official release is schedule to be very near. In the Windows apps store many useful Windows 8 Apps available configured for tablets and windows phones, but no official app for You Tube but a new app called YouTube Player has been added to the stores.

YouTube for Android updated with New UI and more new features

The tech developments has given so much changes to android apps, and the latest is the updated version of You Tube apps for android version 4.1.23 that brings new UI for Android Froyo and Gingerbread devices. 

Enhance YouTube Viewing Experience with great chrome add -ons

You tube is an experience for all its viewers and it has many features for its show experience.YouTube provides the best features that are necessary in an online video portal. Here we are giving a list of some  Google Chrome add-ons that provide some much needed enhancements to the video viewing experience on YouTube.

1. Turn Off the Lights
The Turn Off the Lights add-on is simple, plugin darkens everything on the YouTube page leaving the full focus on the playing video.

Watch London Olympics 2012 Online

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The XXX Olympiad Games at London 2012, are scheduled to take place in London, United Kingdom, from 27 July to 12 August 2012. The games with will available LIVE on TV, most of the people around the world can watch it Live.

But those who are working or travelling, without access to Television can still catch all the excitement by watching it online. There are some the best sites which offer you latest videos and information about the London Olympics 2012 including live telecast.

The Official  YouTube Channel for Summer Olympics 2012

Google+ YouTube app adds playlists for viral video parties

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YouTube has updated its Google+ app so that groups of friends can create video playlists together while hanging out on the social network.

Create, control, save and even share playlists of videos with your friends—all inside a Hangout. Just start a Hangout, have everyone load the YouTube app at the top of the screen, and start adding videos. It’s like your own VIP table at the world’s coolest YouTube party. 

YouTube BoxOffice the Free Bollywood Movies Online theater

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You tube the largest video sharing website in the world. You tube gives you free opportunity to publish or to participate in video channel, it has launched a new channel called YouTube Box Office, which will be showing a new Bollywood blockbuster movie every month for free.

Videos Near Me - find YouTube videos within 2 mile radius of your place

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You Tube VideosNear Me is a new apps help u you to discover videos that were captured near a particular Place. That place could be your home, your school or any other point on the Google Map. To get started, simply drag the red marker and place it anywhere on the Google Map to see videos take near that location. 

Watch YouTube on Your TV Sscreen

Your TV turns into YouTube videos streaming box and watch it in your Living Room, so watch the videos with your family on a big screen. A great experience from youtube. Great, there are many ways to watch YouTube videos on your TV. 

YouTube updates Shows page for Indian TV viewers

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The Indian television industry is among the largest in the world and YouTube has a piece of that pie. The video streaming service says that television viewers usually have two questions; when can they watch TV and what should they watch. 

Prime Minister Office makes its debut on Youtube

After twitter, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Office has made its debut on popular video-sharing website Youtube.The PMO said it will now be communicating with the people "more" through videos.

Search Google effectively:The Complete Tips in one Video

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The  team Google has created a short video that puts all the useful stuff you can do on, plus some related search tips and tricks, in one place.
If you are a “passionate” Google user, you may not find anything new in this video but for the rest of us, this is a good recap of the kind of searches you can perform at
And I just learned that you can drag images from the desktop and drop them on to the Google Images website and it will find  similar images on the Internet – that’s much faster than using the “Browse” button.
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New Updates to YouTube for Google TV specially for android apps

Google releasing an update to your YouTube experience on Google TV making it faster and easier to find great content, adding YouTube channel pages, and giving you more control over your experience.

You’ll be able to update your app through Android Market, and you’ll see some big improvements. First you’ll notice the app works faster with smoother navigation for a better experience. Next, we’ve added a new feature called Discover, which lets you browse YouTube channels by categories. Whether you’re looking for hilarious comedy, delectable cooking content, or the latest news, you can find great channels for any of your interests.



The latest version of the official YouTube app, now with in-page playback!
Experience the latest and best version of the official YouTube app, which offers: 
  • Beautiful new UI design
  • In-page playback (read comments while video is playing!)
  • Personalized homescreen video feed
  • Brand new player controls
  • Rotate-for-fullscreen playback

YouTube hits 4 billion daily video views

YouTube hits 4 billion daily video views

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Youtube Logo YouTube, Google Inc's video website, is streaming 4 billion online videos every day, a 25 per cent increase in the past eight months, according to the company.The jump in video views comes as Google pushes YouTube beyond the personal computer, with versions of the site that work on smartphones and televisions, and as the company steps up efforts to offer more professional-grade content on the site.
YouTube hits 4 billion daily video viewsYouTube, which Google acquired for $1.65 billion in 2006, represents one of Google's key opportunities to generate new sources of revenue outside its traditional Internet search advertising business.
Last week, Google said that its business running graphical "display" ads - many of which are integrated alongside YouTube videos - was generating $5 billion in revenue on an annualised run rate basis.
Still, most of the 4 billion videos that YouTube now streams worldwide every day do not make money. Three billion YouTube videos a week are monetised, according to the company.  (source)