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Download Free duplicate image finder

Image duplication is a common problem some time we face in our folders which consumes much space in the disk. There is many ways to find the duplicate image by manually or by using software’s.  Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder from Mind Gem is free download to find all similar and duplicate images, pictures and photos in a folder and its sub folders, computer or network in order to organize photos.

The Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is well structured to find duplicate images even if they are in different image formats, different bit depths and image sizes. This free software will simply specify the percent of image similarity that will be used during the scan and can shrink your results or specify exact match varying only in image format and/or size. It offers many features but specially the Mindgems to gives 10 copies of license key of duplicate photo finder for free. It is right time for right download.

Free duplicate photo finder

AirDroid - a free must have Android apps for Android smartphones

Are you an android lover? AirDroid is a free Android app, which allows you to take complete control of your Android device via your computer's Web browser.  AirDroid is a must have application in your Android smartphone. It is a free software and can be upgrade to premium version. 

It is an amazing, free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web browser, all over the air. This android app helps to move things on and off your Android device without a USB cable even when the device is not nearby.

Reliance communication 3G price reduced- 1GB for Rs. 123

Reliance communication reduced their 3G Plan cost rates. The smartphone internet use may become easy with this offer. It has come down to an affordable rate of 50% down from the existing plan. Now 1GB 3G plan will priced at Rs. 123. The existing R-com customers will be auto updated to the new plan.

Toll Free Numbers (India) -2013

Toll free or customer care numbers are very useful for customers to contact the company for help or assistance. Her below giving an updated list of Toll free numbers -2013 , of famous companies like Home appliances , India railway, banks, Air lines, Cellphone companies, Automobiles, Hotel Reservations, Teleshopping, Insurance, Healthcare, Investments/ Finance, Couriers/Packers & Movers and many more...

Download the all in one Torch browser with Drag n’ Drop, Torrent and Media Download

Torch Media Inc. launched ‘Torch Browser’, a unique Chromium technology platform used browser with new features. Torch is free and unique software that offers you powerful browsing together with built-in media downloading and sharing features. It has a user friendly interface, easy to install and safe to use. 

It has many new features like fast browsing capabilities, you can share sites you like, download torrents, accelerate downloads and grab online media directly from the browser. Everything you need is a just click away with Torch, so you don't have to use or download additional programs and tools. It is no more a browser but an application for an average user lot of function they want to do. The detailed tutorials here.

Vodafone launched Innovative Design retail concept store in Mumbai

Vodafone India, the telecom giant has launched its exclusive internationally designed concept store in India. Presently the company has over 7800 retail stores and the new designed exclusive shop is at Lower Parel, Mumbai, at the corporate office premises. This new venture aimed to deliver superior and unique retail experience to its customers.

The concept store design lies behind the principle of Ease and simplicity, Service and customer experience, Mass-market appeal and A modular design which can flex to fit the huge variety of different shapes & sizes of store.

The new Vodafone innovative design aim to provide to meet the overhauling needs and expectations of its customers and offer live and engaging retail experience of Vodafone’s wide range of products and services. The new store will be a retail laboratory of any new initiative from Vodafone India.

AVG Mobilation AntiVirus PRO for Android for Rs. 499

AVG PC Antivirus solution has offered a new mobile antivirus AVG Mobilation Anti Virus Pro for Android devices in India just for Rs. 499. The new antivirus offers a free trial version for a limited period for free and a full one time paid version.

AVGMobilation Anti Virus Pro gives offers like protection against theft, loss of mobile phone and complete prevention against viruses and malware. It has many features like scan, automatic scan, check apps for malware and check website content, SMS, email and many more. - Create your online shop

Create your own online shops for your products and market it without any difficulty with Shopify e-commerce portal. It is the online platform for all kinds of merchants. The shopify will provide technical support and tool to give and accept payments. It has more than 50000 online stores in over 100 countries with an annual sale of 1.5 billion dollars. offers two palns of starter, basic, professional and unlimited packages. Shopify gives a customer experience introductory offers of a 14-day free trial.

The personal plan offers Rs. 750 per month, for which users can sell a maximum of 25 products, will get 1 GB file storage and are charged 2 percent transaction fee. Basic plan starts at Rs. 1550 per month, through which the users can sell maximum of 100 products.

Gaana for Android v2.0 updated with Gaana+ premium service

Gaana music apps for Android updated to version 2.0. The new version is  improved with new search features and Gaana + music gives multi-bite rate streaming. The new version is more stable one.

It has already launched apps for windows phone, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokiaphones. The Gaana+ will be available for free for 14 days as a promotional offers then it costs $2.99 per month (for India) or $3.99 (outside India).

YouTube turns eight with over 100 hours of video in every minute

From May 2005 on-wards the biggest video sharing site YouTube started its presence in the internet. Today it has turned Eight years of its existence in the web world and over 100 hours of video uploading every minute to YouTube. Few months back it had reached one billion of monthly users.

“Today, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s more than four days of video uploaded each minute! Every month, more than 1 billion people come to YouTube to access news, answer questions and have a little fun. That’s almost one out of every two people on the Internet”.

BackUp File Stored on PC with Auslogics BitReplica for Free

Loss of data stored in different devices is a problem for computer users, the timely backup gives protection for the stored data. Auslogics BitReplica is a free tool for backing up files stored on your Windows PC. It gives simple copy, two-way synchronization, and full, incremental or differential backups.

The free software protects your photos, music, documents and any other data from being lost due to a hard drive crash, virus attack or accidental deletion. The program should be especially useful for anyone who has several storage drives.

Create a disposable web page with the content you want

Create a disposable web page with as little effort as a few key strokes and start right away at filling up the page with the content you want. Disposable Web Page is a site where you can create a page with your own content and share it with others. It offers you the convenience and freedom of getting information out there on the internet with as little hassle.

Disposable services are also good for cases where you just need something to exist for a limited amount of time and not reside in cyberspace forever, for example files you want to share with your friend, or in this case  a webpage which expires after a certain timeframe.

Game development contest for students

A kerala based company Csharks conducting Game development contest for students. The contest named Srishti, aims to provide opportunities and recognition for young talented and creative game developer. Games can be created in all platforms including PCs, tablets, Android and Web-based platforms.

Targeting college students, Game Srishti gives a ‘time-frame’ of two months in which to develop and share the game, where it shall be evaluated by a team of experts. It aims to boost the gaming industry, create awareness about job opportunities to students, and to fulfil the corporate social responsibility of supporting students interested in game development and to find fresh talents.

Hungama Launches Music Streaming App and Video Streaming for free from Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd has launched the next-gen music streaming apps for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry 10. It give access to music library of 2 million+ official songs spread across Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Devotional, Regional music and Popular International music. Previously Dhingana and has launched music apps.

The apps also offer free Video Streaming, for the first 30 second it is free after that you have to pay to watch the video. The charge for Android is Rs 50 per monthly subscription, for iOS Rs 110 one time pay with add free option.

Gaana Music app for Windows Phone devices launched

The Gaana Music app from Times Internet has launched its windows Phone version including Windows Phone8. It has already released apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerryand Java phones earlier this year. A new app, Gaana+ with offline music listening and high quality music streaming is expected to release this month.

The Gaana Music app has new features of new UI, create or hear favorite playlist, can search over 1 million songs in different languages including Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi, smart recommendations and eassy share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. Enjoy the wonderful music experience over internet from

Read moreDhingana launches mobile web music streaming serviceYou can also get the app just by scanning the QR code below.

The Croods game from Rovio launches for iOS and Android for free

Rovio and DreamWorks partnership GameThe Croods’ has released for iOS and Android. We have reported it earlier.  It will be free and available for free download at App Store and Google Play Store. The Game has 10 crazy never-seen-before Croodaceous creatures such as the Girelephant or Molarbear that that users will need to trap and tame that will help them to grow and level up. 

Rovio has already launched famous Angry birds space and Angry Birds Stars wars games and available for free download.

The Croods is an upcoming 3D animated movie from DreamWorks Animation, SKG Inc set to release on March 2013. It narrates the story of the world's first caveman family that sets out on a road trip adventure. The characters include Eep the teenage rebel, Grug the dad, Gran the mother-in-law, Sandy the wild child, Thunk the meat head, Ugga the mom, Guy the new guy, and Belt the sloth.

The company has released Game Angry Birds Toons an all-new animated series set on Piggy Island. It can be downloaded through on-demand services, and will also air on television channels such as FOX8 in Australia, ANTV in Indonesia, Cartoon Network in India, and MTV3 Juniori and MTV3 in Finland. 

More screenies and downloads can be found at the game’s official web site.

The Croods Movie Trailer

Features of The Croods
  • Trap & tame 10 evolutionarily mixed- up creatures! You’ve never seen anything like the Girelephant or Molarbear! Think you can catch them all?
  • Create wacky inventions with Grug to open and explore new areas!
  • Decorate your pre-historic world with the latest in caveman fashion accessories!
  • Meet your favorite characters from the feature animation film from DreamWorks Animation
Samsung or apple (info graphic) who will win the battle?

Samsung or apple (info graphic) who will win the battle?

Samsung or apple who will win the battle?. It is the ever hunting question in the sphere of mobile users and technology world. The Samsung SIII and the latest Apple iphone5 competing each other with different but similar features. Comparing revenue, sales, profit and the product variety reveals each companies have a unique position in the market. Here below the info graphic picture comparing apple and Samsung with their merits and demerits. You can verdict who will win the battle.

Samsung vs Apple Infographic

Rumor’s roaming around apple iphone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 getting ready to hit the market in the coming days.

Google Play celebrates first birthday with special gifts

Google play store celebrating its first anniversary today. It turned from androidmarket to Google Play store; the first birthday celebration gives away some gifts and goodies for its customers. Google uploaded a special video featuring all goodies you get in.

Google Play Books launched in India

Googleplay store has introduced Google play books in India. The play store interface has rearranged to accommodate the new arrivals. While on the google play store updated with Apps and Books, where you can download apps and select or browse through and download books.

From the google play books section you can buy or download free book. Here books have arranged invarious section like Top Selling, Top Free, New Arrivals in Fiction and New Arrivals in Non-Fiction. You can also browse through categories such as Biographies, Children's Books, Cooking, Fiction & Literature, History and Romance and all are competitively priced similar to the FlipkartFlye eBooks and the Amazon Kindle eBooks Store.

Memotoo - synchronise your contacts and calendar information across devices.

Today we are using desktop, laptop, tablet and multimedia mobiles in contact with personal, friends and business details. But the contact and calander details with these gadgets cannot be accessed with one another.  Memotoo  allows you to synchronize  all your contacts and clender details with your phones, tablets and computers.

Here comes the end of tension and worries with the use of memtoo  you can access the information in any of your gadget.  If you have one or more phones iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, old Nokia, Sony Ericsson you could transfer your data to Memotoo and keep up to date. When you change a contact, it will be updated on all phones.

Memotoo offers three packages, Free, Premium and Business. With the free account you  can sync limited  upto to 100 bookmarks, 50 contacts, 50 calendar events and 50 tasks, whereas Premium is unlimited. All you need is to sign in with memotoo.

Features of Memotoo
  • Memotoo offers features of store all your contacts, your calendar (including tasks and notes), your files (photos, videos, Word document), your bookmarks, your SMS and access to all your E-mail accounts.
  • Memotoo allows you to synchronize your emails and social networks like  Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google, iCloud.
  • Keep your data safe and confidential when your phone lost, Computer crash
  • All your E-mail accessible in one page especially Google, Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN
  • Share your data with friends and clients
  • Reminders of events, birthdays by E-mail or SMS
  • Easily backup and restore