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Download the all in one Torch browser with Drag n’ Drop, Torrent and Media Download

Torch Media Inc. launched ‘Torch Browser’, a unique Chromium technology platform used browser with new features. Torch is free and unique software that offers you powerful browsing together with built-in media downloading and sharing features. It has a user friendly interface, easy to install and safe to use. 

It has many new features like fast browsing capabilities, you can share sites you like, download torrents, accelerate downloads and grab online media directly from the browser. Everything you need is a just click away with Torch, so you don't have to use or download additional programs and tools. It is no more a browser but an application for an average user lot of function they want to do. The detailed tutorials here.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Android devices

mozilla Firefox browser for Android is now available for mobile devices especially for android. It includes android devices with ARMv6 processors, bringing a better Web experience to almost 15 million more phones. This includes popular phones like LG Optimus One, T-Mobile myTouch 3G slide, HTC Wildfire S and ZTE R750.

It has many features like ways to personalize your Firefox Web experience and to customize the look, features and functionality. Firefox for Android introduces easy-to-use themes that let you change the look of Firefox without getting in the way, personalizing your mobile Web experience in just a few taps.

Mozilla Firefox 19 released with Built-in PDF viewer, available for download

Mozilla Firefox has released the latest version of its browser, Mozilla Firefox 19 and available for download. It is available through its own FTP servers. The new version has made many corrections, fixes and new features.

The Firefox 19 brings the feature to view PDF files in the browser for the common user. The other changes and fixes are more concerned with the developers. Mozilla released a touch-friendly version of the browser to developers to get it in line with the windows 8 Metro UI.

Google Chrome Beta channel for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+ released

Google has launched Chrome Beta channel Browser for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+. The Beta channel was launched in the early days of Chrome to test out new features and fix issues fast. This newest Beta channel for phones and tablets now joins Google's Beta versions of Chrome for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. 

Mozilla Firefox for Android with HTML5 support launched

Firefox for Android got its first major update for phones the Firefox 14 and it brings along a whole new interface and better features. Firefox 14, the browser is snappier than before with pages loading really fast. It now includes Flash support with tap-to-play plugins. Users will be prompted with a Yes/No option to play flash content on a site.

Opera Mini 7 lanuched for BlackBerry, Symbian and Java phones with several fixes

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Opera Software has  released its OperaMini7 mobile Web browser for Symbian S60Java phones, and Blackberry, which makes it quicker and easier to stay connected with your social networks. The browser comes with a new feature called Smart Page, which is a one-page summary of all the news from your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Yahoo launches Axis search browser for iPhone and iPad, Extension for Windows Desktop

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Yahoo! has  launched of its new app  Axis search browser, available for iPhone and  iPad for dowload. it combines the searching and browsing experienceInstead of releasing a full fledged web browser and compete with the market leaders, Yahoo is offering Axis plugins for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Once installed, the plugin appears as a search box at the bottom of the browser, expanding when a user enters a query.

The app feel pretty unique and intuitive ,fast search , and the ability to add pages to a read it later list is an awesome feature that we wished more browsers implemented. 

Firefox 12 For Windows, Mac ,Linux, Android, Now Available for Download

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Mozilla’s  has released another newer version Firefox 12This one of the most popular web browsers and the official date for release is the 24th of April, but as always, the final release binaries are already out on the Mozilla server.

The release is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and also for beta version for android. You can download right from here below

Opera Mini 7 Web browser for Android Released

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Opera Mini web browser for Android version 7 is released and available in the Google Play store . Opera’s speed and efficient controls put it ahead of all other browsers.Surf the Web on your mobile as easily as on a desktop computer. Reduce data costs by up to 90% with our unique compression technology. And it's completely free to install and use.

Anonymous hacker group releases its own operating system

Anonymous, the hacker group that is believed to be behind many recent high-profile hacking attacks is now moving into a new frontier - the desktop operating system (OS).
The group has announced the release of its own desktop OS called Anonymous-OS. According to the Anonymous-OS Tumblr blog, the purpose of the software is only to educate and to check security of web pages. Anonymous urges its users not to use it to attack any website.

Control Dolphin Browser with Your Voice Using Sonar Feature

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Dolphin browser announced Dolphin Sonar, a voice-control feature that lets you use your voice to search the Web, find exactly what you’re looking for on sites like Facebook or eBay, bookmark your favorite website, and (like a real Dolphin!) use Sonar to navigate. Ask Dolphin to search on Facebook or create a new tab… all without having to type a single letter.
Firefox 10 released, available for download now

Firefox 10 released, available for download now

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The newest version of Firefox 9, called Firefox 10 for Windows, Macs, Linux machines and Android release for domnload. The release is a part of the rapid release cycle that Mozilla has adopted and is the reason why the browser has swiftly moved from version 4 to version 10 in a span of just nine months. A new version of Firefox now comes out every six weeks.

Along with a large number of bug fixes, Firefox 10 brings with it vastly improved extension support, a forward button that hides itself until it's needed, APIs for full-screen web apps and multi-touch gesture support in the Android version among a host of other improvements.
Firefox 10 will assume that extensions are compatible unless specifically marked otherwise. Most extensions that were compatible with Firefox 4 will work just fine. It will also allow add-ons to silently and automatically update themselves in the background.
Firefox for Android too has got a number of improvements in addition to full multi-touch gesture support. Firefox Sync, a feature of the browser that allows users to synchronise bookmarks, browsing history, password and open tabs across PCs and phones, has been enhanced. User can now enjoy an easier setup process to pair their Android phones, Tablets or any Firefox-enabled device without needing to be at a desktop computer.
The new version brings along a few changes, along with a large number of bug fixes. One of the biggest features to come with Firefox 10 is improved extension support.
According to ComputerWorld, Mozilla is working on a silent update feature that will update Firefox to the latest version without the user knowing. A similar feature is already in place where users no longer have to manually download updates. Currently, users can click on the About menu under Help to access. By June, Firefox 13 should be out and it should allow users to completely automate the Firefox update.
Microsoft Celebrates the Demise of IE6 Browser

Microsoft Celebrates the Demise of IE6 Browser

Internet Explorer Logo
Internet Explorer 6 is almost dead in the United States, based on the latest data from Net Applications. Use of IE6, Microsft’s 10-year-old browser in this country has dropped to beneath 1 percent.

Microsoft is happily announcing “good riddance” to its aging Internet Explorer 6 browser, which was one of its flagship products. Microsoft launched the IE6 Countdown site last March to help accelerate the process.

Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are the other few countries which have also dropped below that 1 percent mark usage of IE6.

Microsoft is asking its users in a blog post to end IE6 and move to a modern browsers like IE8 or IE9.

Microsoft Celebrates the Demise of IE6 Browser 

Google Chrome 16 Stable with Multi-User Sign In Released

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Chrome LogoThe Google released Chrome 16.0.912.63 to the Stable Channel for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame.  Chrome 16 contains some improvements including enhancements to Sync and the ability to create multiple profiles on a single instance of Chrome.

Signing in to Chrome

Signing in to Chrome lets you take your Chrome stuff with you, so you can always have your personal Chrome experience on all of your devices. When you’re signed in to Chrome, changing something on one device instantly changes it on all your other devices.

 To sign in to Chrome, just go to the Wrench menu and select “Sign in to Chrome.” But if you share a computer with other people, you don’t want your bookmarks, apps, and extensions getting mixed up with everyone else’s, and you don’t want your Chrome stuff syncing to all their devices

Managing multiple users on Chrome

Do you share a computer with your family or friends on a regular basis? Do you want to keep your bookmarks, themes, and settings separate from everyone else’s? You can add new users to Chrome to let everyone have their own personalized copies of Chrome on the same computer.

Add a new user

  1. Click the wrench icon wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux).
  3. Click Personal Stuff.
  4. In the “Users” section, click Add new user.
  5. A new window for the user appears, with a special icon for the user in the top corner. Here, you can sign in to Chrome with a Google Account to associate the account with the user. Once signed in, all the bookmarks, apps, extensions, theme, and browser settings for the user will be synced to the account.Learn more about signing in to ChromeIf you prefer, you can also choose to skip this step and not sign in. Settings for the user will be saved only on your computer instead.
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